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American Gothic Dildo

  Grant Wood :American Gothic



Visitor Thoughts:

  • "Plough the field later dear, right now I think we need to can some pickles"

  • Now we know why they look grumpy ... that dong must hurt!

  • "You want to put that dildo WHERE?"

  • "You found Mr. Feelgood! Where was did I leave it?"

  • "Wow, that thing looks just like your brother's...err, nevermind."

  • Winifred was beginning to have her suspicions about Wilbur's weekly mens-only "Club" meetings

  • Pa's been whittlin' agin!

  • You know the couple in this painting are father and daughter, yes? Not that there's anything wrong with that...

  • "Daddy I swear I didn't take that out of Mama's bottom nightstand drawer behind the knitting yarn under the Sears catalog"

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